Roatan Best ATV Eco-Adventure Jungle Tours

Roatan best ATV adventure jungle tours

Best things to do in Roatan as shore excursions. Roatan best Atv adventure to discover Roatan with private Island ATV tours.

Roatan ATV Eco-Jungle Adventure & "Private Beach" Break

Each ATV Jungle Eco-adventure tour is carried by our team of professional tour guides, accompanied with 3 more pros to over look the safety and comfort of our guests ensuring that your Roatan ATV Jungle adventure tour becomes the most memorable tour of your life. After adventuring out on thrilling ATV ride in naturally preserved jungles & wildlife - you are headed to our private beach for spending the quality time and enjoy water activities and quality Caribbean or American food with purchase of a glass of wine or a cold beer of your choice and free WiFi on the "private beach." Team ATV Roatan and management looks forward to hosting you, your family and friends to the best of our abilities.
We specialize in shore excursions as Private Island Tours for families & friends offering ATV Adventure , BUGGY Blast & ZIPLINE Thrills to experience nature & wildlife tours for small and large groups. Hang around with Sloths sanctuary and rescued monkeys in nature parChildren of 14 years and under get 25% off.

Roatan Monkeys & Sloths + ATV Eco-Adventure & Private Beach Break
Family & Friends(Special Offer)4.5 hrs $109 p/p
(Children 15 years & under 25-30% off)
Tour starts at Eco-Nature Park, where monkeys, sloths & birds wait for you to hold and pet them. This is a most popular exciting & adventurous jungle tour filled with thrills to experience the naturally preserved jungles and wild life in raw nature. Professional local native guide, anchors & spotters run along your side in making sure that your safety & comfort is highest priority. Witness the Secret Well, where natives wash their laundry by hitting hard on stones to extract the dirt away - with A Stone Age method with wow factor, used in 21st century. Pics & videos are taken on request at wildlife points over looking the Caribbean Ocean, French Harbor, and while experiencing the wild Cashew nut trees. After the tour enjoy chilled local beers at jungle adventure park, and then escorted to most beautiful "private beach" of the Island to enjoy the serenity of secluded gorgeous beach with best Caribbean or American style food (with purchase) at the beach restaurant. One of a kind family & friends' most memorable experience to carry home with.
Family & Friends Eco-Adventure Tour
Best ATV Roatan Jungle Tour
Couples Private & Exclusive Tour (min. 2 ppl) - 4 hrs ($119 p/p)
Roatan Rescued Monkeys & Sloths + ATV Eco-Adventure & Private Beach Break
$119 p/p (Special Offer)
A most exciting, adventurous, and thrilling tour for couples - 75 mins of ATV Jungle adventure tour with Eco-nature park where pet & hold Roatan rescued monkeys, sloths & tropical birds and then leading to most beautiful private beach break. Local native private guides care for your most comfort as the highest priority. Pics are taken at the 2 highest points overlooking the Caribbean Ocean. Experience the wild Cashew nut tree. After the tour, you will be offered to enjoy local chilled beer. Head to a "private beach" to enjoy a Caribbean drink by the pool.
Roatan Best Couples' Private Exclusive Tour
Best ATV RoatanTour for Adventure & Thrill Seekers.
Roatan Zipline Thrills + ATV Jungle Adventure + Monkeys & Sloths Park with Sandy Beach in West-end Village!

Private Island Tour - Best of Roatan: Roatan Zipline Thrills + ATV Jungle Adventures + Eco Nature Park
(Rescued Monkeys, Sloths & Tropical Birds, Local handicraft shops, seafood restaurants & Sandy Beach Break on West & Wild)
(Special Offer)
(Children 15 years & under 25-30% off)

Best of Roa
tan Zipline, ATV Jungle Eco-adventure, Visit to Native's Well, Nature park with Monkeys, Sloths & Tropical Birds on West & Wild. Visit to West-end Village for shopping handicrafts, local seafood restaurants & Sandy beach break!
- Mayan Zipline Thrilling experience
- ATV Eco-Jungle Adventure,
- Visit to Native's Well,
- Zip line Thrills,
- Eco Nature park
- Hold & Pet- rescued Monkeys, Sloths & Tropical Birds on West & Wild (optional)
- Visit to West-end Village
- Sandy Beach
- Local Handicraft Shops
- Local Restaurants serving freshly caught Seafood

Private Island Tour starts with award winning guest services waiting in private transport to pick you up from port, hotel, resort or any vocational home on the Island. Showing the amazing views your local native guide, who is full of knowledge about Island beautiful history, culture & heritage brings you down to ATV adventure park, where all of our guests create most memorable memories with friends & families. After a visit to Native's well - you are headed to enjoy the thrills of our Mayan Zip line.

  • The excitement of the Mayan Jungle Canopy begins before your first you ascend Temple-like steps, from there, it's all downhill...literally! So, be ready for lots of fun and excitement and experience the thrills of the Mayan Ziplines.
  • The Mayan Jungle Canopy features 12 zips (including a 509-foot zipline across a scenic valley) and 2 suspension bridges.Our zipline lengths range from 90 to 1250-feet, the height ranges from 15 to 300-feet!
  • This zipline features the latest in safety equipment including a dual-pulley/dual-cable system (3/8" diameter galvanized aircraft cable) and brand new Petzl safety harnesses, helmets, carabiners and pulleys. Petzl is the world leading supplier of zipline safety equipment.
Moving on to west-end village for a walk to local handcraft shops and/or to local seafood restaurant if hungry. Sandy beach awaits for you to take a dip in the ocean or walk on the sandy beach on half moon bay.
Private Island Tour, Best of Roatan: Eco-Jungle Adventure Tour @ French Harbor (5 hrs)
Best of Roatan Private Island Eco-Adventure Tour & Private Beach Break

(Special Promotional Offer)
- History Culture & Heritage of Garifuna Natives & Island

- Hold & Pet Monkeys, Sloths & Parrots @ Eco-Nature Animal Park

- ATV Jungle Eco-Adventure & Wildlife

- Feed @ Wild Iguanas Park (home to 3500+ wild Iguanas)optional

- Private Beach Break (most beautiful beach on the island *not open to the public)

- Round trip Pick up & Drop Off from the port

Perfect Excursion @ promotional price ('limited time only') for friends & families with children and those are animal lovers seeking Eco-adventure and love to pet Monkeys, Sloths, Parrots, Macaws and experience feeding Iguanas around you with a private beach break.

Tour begins at Eco-Nature park to learn the Island's culture & history leading to interact with rescued animals like Capuchin monkeys, sloths, parrots, macaws rabbits, deers, etc... You will be able to hold & pet sloths, parrots and take pics. Once done here you will be escorted to adventure nature in raw with thrilling ATV ride in naturally preserved jungles surrounded by rare species of birds, wild red rabbits, Iguanas that are found on the Island only. A visit to Secret Well where natives wash their laundry an old stone age way.

After ATV - you will be taken to a private beach break to relax and enjoy water activities (snorkeling, diving, etc.) in the turquoise water. Special Caribbean Island or American food & drinks available (with purchase) on the "private beach".
1) Entrance tickets to all parks including the 'private beach' pass are paid for by us.
2) Promotional Price for a limited time only.
ATV Jungle Adventure & Thrilling "ISLAND TOUR"
Best ATV RoatanTour for Adventure & Thrill Seekers.

Private Island Tour: Best of Roatan Snorkeling & Chocolate factory visit to West-end village culture (6hrs)
Private Guided Tour: Naturally Preserved Jungles & Wild life, Blue Channel Snorkeling, Chocolate Factory & Beach visit in West End Village with Shops & Restaurants to enjoy & have fun with.

Roatan Best Private Island Adventure Tour

by ATV, Car & Local (certified) hand made boat

- Thrilling ATV Jungle Eco-Adventure & Wildlife

- Tour by Boat & Private Snorkeling Adventure by Captain JC

- Visit to Chocolate Factory

- West End Village Cultural Shopping

- White Sand Beach in the west end
- (Special Offer)
Private Guided Island Tour offers exclusivity to adventure the naturally preserved Jungles & wildlife been existed. After the ATV tour, you are driven to our beautiful west end village where our Padi master diver Juan Carlos aka JC will be waiting on his private boat to take you to the journey of exciting snorkeling you have ever been to. You do not have to be a trained swimmer to snorkel and enjoy the underwater life where JC will show you the 2nd largest and the best live coral reef in the world. You will and may come across many fish tanks, a green turtle, and many other rare species. (check the gallery for real pics). After the private snorkeling tour, JC will dock back to the beach on the west end village where you will be able to make a visit to the local chocolate factory to see how the old school styles are used to make the fresh chocolate. You can sample and buy at your wish. Multi-cuisine restaurants offer the most delicious food to you. Be it the Buccaneer, a pizza on splash Inn, or Thai palace, or even the popular Argentinian grill - You and your party will be very well taken care of. A lifetime experience awaits you on our Paradise Roatan beautiful.
Roatan ATV Ride Thrills & Snorkeling Adventure with Chocolate Factory Tour (6hrs)
Roatan best shore excursion with ATV ride & best snorkeling for Adventure & Thrill Seekers.
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Roatan Eco-adventure Jungle Tours
We offer guided tours only. All of our tours (6-8ppl) are accompanied with 3 or more professional guides to overlook the safety and comfort of our guests, ensuring that your ATV Jungle Tour in Roatan becomes the best excursion tour in Roatan as most memorable tour of your life. We look forward to hosting you, your family & friends offered at a very fair price. Private Guided Tours are available for all needs. Mail/contact us to customize your private tour & discover Roatan in the local native way.

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WANTED: ATV Adventure & Thrills Seekers!

Roatan ATV adventure jungle tours is one of the most popular shore excursions on the island. Our best ATV rentals is among top 5 best things to do in Roatan as an Eco-adventure exploring through the naturally preserved jungles and wild life with us!

A private guided ATV ride would let you explore spectacular naturally preserved jungles & wildlife on this most amazing & adventurous tour. You will be briefed for safety by our trained staff & video presentation. Fully automatic & easy to operate, you'll take full control of your ATV and have the best ride along winding jungle trails, across a river bed, or climbing to the hill top for an amazing view overlooking the Caribbean Ocean. You'll find nothing more exciting & nothing that efficiently uses your time to take in so much scenic beauty and wildlife such as iguanas and many tropical birds. Pictures will be taken upon request from your camera at different points with ocean views.
After the tour, you will be escorted to the private beach to enjoy the water activities. Pick up/Drop off service is offered from your ship docking terminal entrance or from Hotel/Resort you are staying at.

Best Thing to do in Roatan
Atv Jungle Tour in Roatan Adventure Park is hands down by far the "best thing to do" shore excursion in Roatan! All our tours are guided and considered the most safe tours. Min age required is 16 years. Different packages and Personal Guided tours are available to make your experience the most memorable experience on the paradise Island of Roatan.
Most Friendly & Professional ATV Staff
ATV Roatan has professionally trained and the most friendly staff you'll encounter while being on the Island. We'll make sure that your tour is guided by a team of up to 4 ppl, taking care of safety and making your tour a most enjoyable excursion. Local native islander staff will even sing, rap or even show some dance moves to make every penny spent worth of it!
We Care: Our Naturally Preserved Jungles
ATV Roatan Jungle adventure tours are offered and privately guided on 11 acres of naturally preserved jungles. The adventure is the fun part and it's always safe, as safety is our priority; along with professionalism! Take the best memories home when saying bye after completion of the guided excursions of ATVs Jungle Tours in Roatan.
Motivation Cheers
Discover Roatan Adventure
Best of Roatan
ATV Roatan Jungle Adventure Tour :
Motivation Cheers
ATV Jungle Adventure Tour Roatan Motivational Cheers. Watch as our professional ATV tour guides safely direct our customers and cheer them on for completing the Private guided ATV Jungle adventure tour!
ATV Roatan Jungle Adventure Tour :
Discover Roatan Adventure
ATV Roatan Jungle adventure tour is the best way to discover roatan shore excursions. Our ATV rental service offered with private guided tours professionals bring the experience of best activities in roatan for cruise ship guests and best hotels & resorts looking to have the best of Roatan experience.
Discover Best of Roatan :
Book ATV Jungle Adventure Tour
Discover Roatan - Best thing to do in Roatan is ATV jungle adventure out to the best kept secrets of naturally preserved Roatan Jungles. Book a guided tour of 60 mins, 75 mins or 90 mins. Guided & privately guided ATV Jungle Adventure & Beach Break packages available. Private guided tours for families & friends and private exclusive tours for couples are available as well. Book Online or Book On call.

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Please check the real time testimonials from our valuable guests. Roatan ATV Jungle Tours, Roatan Atvs & ATV Rental Service Roatan is best thing to enjoy and customize the best Roatan Island Tour. We are a proudly Eco friendly company making efforts to preserve our natural jungles & wildlife on island de la bahia, Roatan honduras
Spending time in a sizable city like Roatan is a fabulous experience. With a wide range of things to see and experience, your opportunities for discovery here are almost endless. Come and get to know our team and discover for yourself their know-how, dedication to service, and commitment to the principles that have always guided our Roatan ATV Jungle Tours company.
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