Celebrity Edge returns to Port of Roatan

Now is the turn of the Port of Roatán port to receive the first post-pandemic cruise, the Celebrity Edge of the Carnival Cruise Lines Company,

The ship is bringing more than two thousand passengers on board that embarked in the city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, and are eager to enjoy the natural beauties of the island and its unbeatable tropical climate.

As usual, the island's inhabitants received the passengers who decided to get off the boat in the best way possible and took them to enjoy the experiences offered by the island such as its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, as well as the possibility of practicing extreme or water sports. such as ATV and buggy riding, ziplining, snorkeling among others.

The Celebrity Edge will leave the island in the afternoon to continue its course towards the Mayan coast, Cozumel, Nassau, and Florida.

Reactivation of cruise ship arrivals to the island is due to the preference of cruise passengers and cruise lines, who show high levels of satisfaction with our service and activities offered, in addition to extensive vaccination campaigns that covered all tourism service providers thus offering an atmosphere of security and tranquility for visitors.

The continuous arrival of cruise ships to the island is of great benefit to its economy since it is estimated that each person who gets off the ship spends an average of 100 dollars doing recreational activities, taking internal transport, buying souvenirs,  and visiting bars and restaurants, during the approximately seven hours that the ship remains in port.