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Unique Adults Only BUGGY Tour: Roatan East End & Paya NUDE Beach

Prices listed are per person. Minimum tour reservation 2 pax.
2 people maximum can be accommodated per vehicle.
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Quick details about this tour
  • Duration
    6 Hours
  • Tour Type
  • Ages
    21 years and older
  • Run
    Every Day
  • Starting Times
    Every Hour 7 AM - 12 PM
  • Cancellation
    Full refund up to 24 hours before activity starts

Tour Description (offered on non Ship days)

This lifestyle-friendly tour is for discerning 21 years of age and older adults who prefer clothing-optional choices. Nudity at Paya Bay beach or participation in this tour is completely voluntary and not compulsory.

This one-of-a-kind tour will first take your BUGGY to the less known Eastside, making stops on the way at several picture-perfect spots, visiting the Garifuna fishing village of Punta Gorda and the former fishing industry town of Oakridge, and discover the culture of our island.

Arrive at Paya Bay, a beach, nature, lifestyle, and wellness resort catering to those seeking communion with nature. It has a secluded nude venue available, Bliss Beach, where nudity is expected.

You're welcome to leave all your clothing behind on that beach only. The remainder of the resorts' facilities, including the restaurant, requires wearing clothing or swimsuits.

Lunch & beverages are available at the resort and can be purchased at your own expense. They also provide massages and spa treatments that must be booked in advance and paid separately.

Buggy units & guides are available to you for the entire day, if there are unplanned activities you would like to add to the itinerary, let your guide know in advance.

Attractions guests see during this tour
ATV Roatan, Roatan Adventure Park
Upon arrival to the tour operator facilities, you will be provided with the necessary safety gear, such as a helmet, goggles, and bandanas. Your bilingual tour guide will provide a safety briefing and will explain the use of units before starting the tour.
French Harbour Village (drive through)
French Harbour is Roatan's third-largest community and home to the island's active fishing industry. Many of Roatan's commercial vessels are docking in and around the waters of French Harbour. In this community, you find optional popular attractions like the Iguana Park or the Monkey and Sloth Hangout.
Club Isery, Punta Gorda
Take photos and spend a good relaxing time at a unique attraction called "Isery" pirate boat.
Punta Gorda Village
Punta Gorda is the first Garifuna settlement in Central America, an artisan fishing village where the locals maintain alive their ancestral ways and culture. Pass by without stopping.
Formerly the home of a thriving fishing industry now is a sleepy harbor town filled with a multitude of colorful picturesque homes built on stilts. Pass by without stopping.
Paya Bay
Paya Bay is a beach, and wellness resort catering to those seeking communion with nature. It has a secluded nude venue available we're visiting, Bliss Beach, where nudity is expected.
ATV Roatan, Roatan Adventure Park
This is where the Buggy tour ends. Toilets and showers are available to our guests. Transportation to your hotel or cruise port is provided from this point.

What you need to know about this tour
What's included, some recommendations and other important information about this tour
  • Use of Buggy Unit to tour the island's east side. Drivers must be 16 yrs and older
  • Helmet, Goggles & Bandanas
  • Multilingual Guides & Drivers
  • Access to Paya Bay and Bliss Beach
  • Bottle of water or soft drink
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